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Kirkus Review for Olly, the Lone Red Squirrel Book.

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Almost every author feels anxious about reviews, especially for the first book.

We know the amount of work, time and love that goes into each book. The thought of someone not liking it makes our heart skip a beat.

When I wrote Olly, the Lone Red Squirrel, I put my all into it because I wanted to make kids happy. I wanted to give parents a good time to talk about bullying with their kids. I wanted to add magic to the children's imagination. Magic expressed in every word I wrote and in every accompanying illustration.

That being said, I'm very happy that I got great reviews that make my heart truly happy, just like Olly at the end of the book!

In this post I will share Olly, the Lone Red Squirrel Kirkus review.

Kirkus Reviews is an American book review magazine founded in 1933 by Virginia Kirkus. The magazine is headquartered in New York City. 

Kirkus Review:

"An enjoyable, nicely illustrated animal tale emphasizing individuality, nature’s beauty, and the importance of friendship.

A lonesome squirrel celebrates the offerings of the forest and seeks a pal in this picture book.

Olly, a red squirrel, is crestfallen when the gray squirrels reject him. They laugh and say, “You’re not like us. Go away!” When Olly returns to his oak tree home, he finds an acorn etched with lines that look like a smiling face. Olly feels grateful for this “reminder that he was not alone.” When he connects “as kindred spirits” with a human White boy walking through the forest, Olly takes the visitor’s presence as an omen: “The forest had sent” the boy “to heal his lonely heart.” Meanwhile, the gray squirrels feel ashamed for mistreating Olly. When Olly sees that they are unhappy, he shows them his acorn in hopes of helping them “feel better.” Olly’s “dark and sad” world has “revealed its true colors,” and he is thrilled to befriend the other squirrels. He acknowledges “how wonderful it is to be kind and share.” In Soares’ engaging story, Olly is a sweet and thoughtful protagonist. Readers will root for his happiness as he appreciates nature’s gifts and even nobly offers the other squirrels an opportunity to redeem themselves. Volgina’s lovely, realistic illustrations feature watercolor backdrops and lifelike details, including the squirrels’ fur. Color is incorporated skillfully. Scenes feature muted tones when Olly feels bleak. When he is cheerier, the images burst with red-tinged accents.

An enjoyable, nicely illustrated animal tale emphasizing individuality, nature’s beauty, and the importance of friendship."


Have you read Olly's book and would like to review as well?


I am looking forward to read your review!


From your friend,

Larissa Soares

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